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How Can You Improve the Employee Experience?

To improve the employee experience, businesses must focus on what employees need to be successful. This is a common oversight made by well-intentioned organizations that fall into the trap of focusing on the technologies and systems they provide rather than the employees who will be using them.

It’s an issue that’s particularly acute when it comes to the digital employee experience, where world-class systems are traditionally selected and implemented in silos, with very little thought into how they will play out for the overall employee experience. The result is a fragmented and frustrating experience for employees that’s miles away from being successful at supporting business goals.

To deliver a truly employee-focused digital workplace, one that improves the employee experience by mimicking the levels of consumer-like simplicity employees are accustomed to, organizations need to start by understanding employees’ needs.

Organizations can take an active role in addressing employees’ needs by:

  • Shadowing workers to identify the friction and pain points they encounter throughout their work

  • Conducting surveys and interviews to highlight the moments that matter that will yield the greatest employee experience improvements

  • Constructing journey maps for each persona type to make sure the needs of all employees across the organization are understood and can be addressed.

There are also specific experiences, such as onboarding, communications, and productivity, that, when improved, can have a significant impact on improving the overall employee experience.

Requesting vacation time is a time-consuming, multi-step process that has a negative long-term impact on the employee experience.


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