Improve the HR technology experience

Help employees engage effectively with HR technology so they can spend more time on meaningful work that drives fulfillment.

Centralize your HR services

Workgrid doesn't replace your existing HR services, it supports them, integrating across your HR tech stack to give employees a simplified, centralized experience for the information and services they need.

  • Make it easier for employees to find HR information - everything from policies to benefits information

  • Aggregate HR system notifications and enable the completion of HR approvals in a single click

  • Communicate important updates and recognize employees

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Make HR resources available anywhere, anytime

Free up time and enhance productivity by empowering employees to find the resources they need faster. Workgrid abstracts important HR tasks and information from your system and delivers them to employees in a central location, either through microapps or chatbot.

  • Consolidate HR information, such as time off balances and payslip data, in an easy-to-consume microapp

  • Make benefit information and company protocols simple to find via a natural language chatbot

  • Enable employees to easily submit HR tickets right in the flow of work

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Communicate what matters most

Whether you're promoting your organization's values or building a strong culture, HR plays a key role in communications.

  • Send targeted communications to keep employees up to speed on updates, including benefits enrollment, HR policies, and organizational values

  • Schedule celebratory notifications for key employee milestones, tokens of appreciation, and recognition

  • Use system data to have Workgrid make recommendations to employees based on what matters to them, such as personalized learning and upskilling opportunities, new job opportunities, and more

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A single, connected employee experience

Integrate Workgrid with you HR tools

Make it easier for employees to quickly access data from HR systems and perform routine tasks from a single location.

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