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About Us

About Us

At Workgrid, we believe employees are happiest, fulfilled, and most engaged when focusing on work that matters. Our mission is to make work simpler, more efficient, and engaging.

About Us

Our Vision

Today’s fragmented digital work experience is causing significant engagement, communication, and productivity issues in the workplace that are hindering the potential of our employees. ​At Workgrid, we are focused on creating intuitive solutions that reduce digital friction and give employees a simpler work experience.


Enable business teams to optimize the employee experience without relying on IT.


Deliver employees the modern and intuitive experiences they expect from technology.


Simplify the work day for employees by creating better user experiences for your existing enterprise applications.


Guide employees' attention to what they need to know and do across your digital workplace.

The Solution

Intelligent software to guide people's attention

The Workgrid AI Assistant is software used to specifically aid in the guiding of people’s attention to the information and action items they need most to be productive and engaged.
Workgrid's guided attention technology empowers employees to focus on their work by reducing digital distractions, surfacing and granting access to information and tasks at the right time, in the right channels.

Workgrid's conversational AI platform empowers employees to focus on their work by reducing digital distractions, streamlining access to information and tasks, delivered at the right time and in the right channels.

Meet the Team

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Gillian McCann

Gillian McCann

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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We're passionate about building software that helps deliver positive employee experiences and enables employees to reach their fullest potential through the intelligent use of technology.

Join our mission to build intelligent workplace solutions for the enterprise and help guide employees' attention to make work better.

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Our Methodology

The Workgrid platform provides the tools needed to build today’s intelligent digital workplace.

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