AI Work Assistant

Make it easier than ever before to perform tasks and retrieve information from across your organization using a conversational interface. Connect your digital workplace apps, knowledge bases, and documents in one unified experience through the AI Work Assistant to deliver a better employee experience. 


Conversational intelligence to improve employee experience

The AI Work Assistant's enterprise-grade conversational AI platform leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) technologies to accurately understand employees' requests and make it easier than ever to perform tasks and find information across your digital workplace.

The assistant can search across multiple data sources - including enterprise systems, documents, and knowledge bases - intelligently surfacing responses based on relevance and intent. From HR policies to time off balances and IT tickets, employees can find it all through an intuitive chat interface.

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Centralize communications with nudges and notifications

The AI Work Assistant centralizes communications, system alerts, and recommendations into one unified stream, elevating the most important information above the noise and creating a more engaging and efficient work experience.

With the gift of anticipation, the assistant will suggest a wide array of recommendations to support the employee experience - from training opportunities to reading recommendations - nudging employees to take action when it's most relevant to them.

For a streamlined experience, the AI Work Assistant surfaces announcements from across the organization, including real estate happenings, team updates, corporate communications, benefits enrollment, employee surveys, and more, based on attributes such as office location or department.

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Achieve more with AI-powered apps and tasks

The AI Work Assistant makes it easy to obtain quick access to your most frequented apps and reduces multi-step processes down to a few clicks. From submitting help desk tickets and time off requests to accessing pay slip data or leveraging generative AI for content suggestions, everything you need is conveniently at your fingertips.

Simplify and automate workflows, tasks, and processes from back-end systems using conversational AI. System-based tasks arrive directly to the assistant, allowing employees to complete tasks like expense approvals or procurement requests in real-time without having to navigate to the source system.

Using the conversational interface, employees can initiate actions such as submitting a timesheet or modifying an IT help desk ticket, making it easier than ever to complete tasks and focus on strategic work.

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Designed for your digital workplace

The AI Work Assistant is available where you work. As a web client that can be installed on any webpage, the assistant is readily available for employees whenever they need assistance and discreetly fades into the background when not needed.

With its multi-channel feature, the AI Work Assistant is easily accessible via intranets, portals, or collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Igloo Software, providing employees with flexible access to the assistant throughout the digital workplace.

Designed in accordance with WCAG, AA, and A standards, the AI Work Assistant is compliant with accessibility guidelines, and a customizable design means you can personalize the web client by choosing the location, name, and primary colors to match your brand.

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Optimize your Tech Stack with Conversational AI

Workgrid’s platform makes it easy to integrate your most critical information, data, and apps from across your technology stack right into one unified experience. With 100+ integrations, 50+ pre-built templates, and a no-code/low-code builder, organizations of all sizes can rapidly deliver conversational AI use cases, customize pre-built templates, or build experiences from scratch.

Why Workgrid?

Workgrid merges AI-technology with a conversational interface to help enhance the employee experience. The AI Work Assistant streamlines processes, accelerates content generation, and transforms knowledge discovery to improve the digital workplace.

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Reduce Digital Friction

Reduce digital noise by centralizing communications and alerts from multiple systems into a single, intelligent stream. Fetch information, ask questions, freeing up your time to focus on your work.

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Accelerate Development

Accelerate time to launch experiences leveraging Workgrid's catalog of pre-built templates, data source connectors, and Q&As.

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Boost Productivity & Engagement

Connect with enterprise systems to streamline interactions and automate time-consuming processes, guiding employees' attention to what they need to know and take action on.

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Reach Employees

Help foster a more inclusive employee experience by driving awareness to your most important news, announcements, and information directly within the flow of work.


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