Your AI Work Assistant

Create conversational AI experiences to streamline processes, automate tasks, and guide employees to the right resources and information, wherever they work.

An AI Work Assistant to improve the digital workplace

Intelligently guide your employees' attention to increase engagement and efficiency at work.

Chat across systems and documents to find information

Leverage conversational AI to chat across your business applications, documents, and knowledgebases to find the information that matters.

How Workgrid helps your team

Use the AI Work Assistant to deliver, customize, and build your own conversational AI experiences across your organization. With a wide range of use cases, Workgrid delivers engaging experiences that enhance productivity and eliminate digital friction across departments, in one streamlined interface.

For IT and Technologists

Automate Support & Scale IT Operations

Redefine IT agility, automate support, and effortlessly scale IT operations with these AI Assistant use cases:

  • Helpdesk

  • Incident Management

  • IT Notifications

  • IT Approvals

  • Knowledge Management

  • Service and Outage Alerts

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For Human Resources

Simplify the Work Day for Employees

Streamline apps, actions, and conversations to transform the employee experience with HR technology with these use cases:

  • Behavioral Nudges

  • Career and Learning

  • Case Management

  • Employee Milestones and Recognition

  • HCM Approvals

  • Onboarding

  • Performance and Benefits

  • Time Management

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For Internal Communications

Reach Employees Across the Enterprise

Help employees consume important content and communications with these AI Work Assistant use cases:

  • AI Content Generation

  • AI Content Analysis

  • Corporate News

  • One-time and Recurring Communications

  • Reading Recommendations

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How Workgrid Works

Create exceptional employee experiences with conversational AI

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Connect with the systems, knowledge sources and documents you use every day

Empower employees to automate tasks and find information across your digital workplace from a single, natural language interface.

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Choose from pre-built templates or build workflows from scratch

Rapidly deploy conversational AI experiences that automate tasks, speed up content generation, notify employees, or accelerate knowledge discovery. Choose from 50+ out-of-the-box app templates or configure custom experiences using Workgird's low code builder.

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Deliver the AI Work Assistant wherever your employees work

Deploy the AI Assistant wherever your employees work including Microsoft Teams, the Intranet, SharePoint, web browser, or a conversational AI web client.

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