Your AI Work Assistant

Create conversational AI experiences to streamline processes, automate tasks, and guide employees to the right resources and information, wherever they work.

An AI Work Assistant to improve the digital workplace

Intelligently guide your employees' attention to increase engagement and efficiency at work.

Chat across systems and documents to find information

Leverage conversational AI to chat across your business applications, documents, and knowledgebases to find the information that matters.

How Workgrid helps your team

Whether you're looking to get up and running quickly with our AI Assistant or leverage our platform to customize and build your own conversational AI experiences, Workgrid is focused on helping you deliver engaging experiences in order to enhance productivity and eliminate digital friction.

For IT and Technologists

Automate Support & Scale IT Operations

  • Free up IT for strategic initiatives, accelerate ticket deflection, and cut costs by enabling employees to manage tickets and find answers using AI.

  • Leverage a no-code editor to build conversational AI experiences that integrate across all your apps, documents, and knowledge systems.

  • Take advantage of >50 pre-built templates to reduce the time, effort, and cost to build conversational AI experiences.

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For HR and Communications

Simplify the Work Day for Employees

  • Streamline workflows and free up HR for more strategic initiatives from timesheet approvals, training reminders, and HCM tasks.

  • Enhance employee engagement with intelligent insights from personalized training opportunities, reading recommendations, performance review tips, and more.

  • Reduce HR ticketing by empowering employees to ask questions and receive the right resources to reduce the number of queries directed at HR.

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For Partners

Deliver an AI Assistant to Customers

  • Build conversational AI experiences at scale with an enterprise-grade, low-code platform to drive operational efficiencies for your customers.

  • Offer an AI assistant as part of your business and enhance your product portfolio by becoming a Workgrid reseller or referral partner.

  • Amplify the adoption of your platform by enabling employees to access the AI Assistant directly from your platform or guide employees from the assistant to your platform.

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How Workgrid Works

Create exceptional employee experiences with conversational AI

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Connect with the systems, knowledge sources and documents you use every day

Empower employees to automate tasks and find information across your digital workplace from a single, natural language interface.

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Choose from pre-built templates or build workflows from scratch

Rapidly deploy conversational AI experiences that automate tasks, speed up content generation, notify employees, or accelerate search. Choose from 50+ out-of-the-box app templates or configure custom experiences using Workgird's low code builder.

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Deliver the AI Work Assistant wherever your employees work

Deploy the AI Assistant wherever your employees work including Microsoft Teams, the Intranet, SharePoint, or a conversational AI web client.

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