Ensure your messages are seen

Create a central location for important tasks, information, and communications, and guide employees' attention to them at the right time, in the right channels.

Reach employees across the enterprise

Whether your employees are on the frontline, working remotely, or in the office, you can ensure everyone has a consistent messaging experience, so they can stay aligned and engaged with your organization.

  • Target news, surveys, and updates to employees based on several attributes, including location, job function, and persona, with Workgrid's easy-to-use publishing tool

  • Publish communications that grab employees' attention with support for images, hyperlinks, emojis, gifs, and attachments

  • Measure the effectiveness of communications and campaigns with an easy-to-digest analytics dashboard

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Improve knowledge management

Make resources and information available wherever and whenever they're needed. Workgrid uses microapps to surface the information employees need, and a natural language chatbot intelligently discovers content and delivers 24/7 answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Employees can quickly and easily find the information they need, everything from documents and policies to common Q&As

  • There's no need to log in and out of systems to find useful information

  • Create a single source of truth employees can rely on

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Communicate in the flow of work

Help employees consume important content and communications by distributing them in the flow of work. Workgrid is available in multiple channels, so you can be sure you're putting the right communications and information in the right channels.

  • The intranet toolbar drives traffic and increases click-thrus to your communications

  • An MS Teams app highlights important information and communications right in the stream of work

  • Access on mobile ensures every employee has what they need, when they need it, including non-desk workers

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