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What Tools Can Help Improve the Employee Experience?

There are several tools across the enterprise technology landscape, in a category called Experience Technology (ExTech), that can help improve the employee experience. These may take the form of employee experience platforms, employee communication platforms, intranets, and more. But regardless of what type of technology you choose, you should choose solutions that can achieve outcomes that address common employee frustrations. Some things to focus on include:

Streamlined communication

With communications shared in a growing number of locations, including email, Slack, MS Teams, the intranet, etc., employees spend an inordinate amount of time trying to keep up with the volume of information they need to consume to be effective. Make sure your employee experience technology can streamline communications – including those from enterprise systems – into a central location so employees can easily tell what needs their attention.

Help employees understand what needs their attention by centralizing communications - including those from enterprise systems – into a central location.

Simplified interactions with enterprise systems

Workers switch windows an average of 373 times per day and often have to log in and out of complex systems just to complete routine tasks like checking vacation balances, viewing pay slip details or processing approvals. This friction is a drain on productivity and a serious impediment to a positive employee experience. Choose an employee experience solution that simplifies these interactions, aggregating just the functionality employees need into a central location so they can take action whenever and wherever its convenient for them.

Making it easy for employees to complete tasks and find information in enterprise systems is a big time-saver and an easy way to improve the employee experience.

A multi-channel experience

Employees work in many ways. Some spend their days immersed in function-specific applications such as HCM or finance systems, while others are on the road or frontlines relying on their mobile devices to get work done. Other employees, meanwhile, use a combination of both of those approaches to be effective. All these methods of working are valid and need to be addressed if the employee experience is to be improved across the workforce. To accomplish this, choose employee experience technology that can provide workers with flexible access to important tasks and information, in the channels they prefer, so they can operate at peak efficiency.

Workgrid is available for employees where they work - including a toolbar for intranets, mobile application, and Teams integration.


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