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What Kinds of Intranet Software Are There?

Among the many considerations when building an intranet is which type of intranet software to choose. There are 4 different ways to approach your intranet software foundation: platforms, intranet packages, cloud office, and business applications.

  • The platform approach uses a foundation such as a content management system like SharePoint, Drupal or WordPress to build an intranet on

  • Intranet packages or intranet-in-a-box is pre-built software designed to enable organizations to quickly launch an intranet due to its offering of ready-to-use features and functionality. Intranet packages may come either standalone or with various offerings

  • The cloud office approach enables organizations to build basic intranets on existing O365 or Google G-Suite implementations

  • Business applications can also be used to fulfill the basic responsibilities of an intranet, such as displaying HR notifications in an organization's HCM system

A typical intranet may use several components together, such as a content management system for the homepage that links to social software for additional functionality. But, the ultimate goal is for the experience to be seamless for employees.

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