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Why Use a Company Intranet?

Any organization that wants to engage their workforce and improve the employee experience should use a company intranet. When designed with employees’ needs in mind and built using the right elements, it’s an ideal entry point to the digital workplace and can be instrumental in simplifying the work day and giving workers more time to focus on the high-value work they were hired to do.  

The benefits of using a company intranet include:

  • Streamlining communications

  • Making work more efficient

  • Fostering collaboration

  • Engaging workers across locations

  • Helping employees find information

  • Making knowledge sharing easier

  • Improve the onboarding experience

  • Building company culture

A well-designed intranet that’s aligned with company objectives can also deliver demonstrable value to your organization. By tying the intranet roadmap to company objectives, you can identify the metrics that matter and track their progress, measuring actions like the time it takes to locate documents and information, the time it takes to complete routine tasks etc.


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