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What is Digital Workplace Technology?

Digital workplace technology is the accumulation of all the tools and applications that comprise the digital workplace. Researchers forecast that companies will spend nearly $35 – $80 billion on digital workplace technologies in the next few years. 

There are many types and categories of digital workplace technology that’s needed as part of a comprehensive digital workplace strategy. While it would be impossible to list all the solutions that support communication, collaboration, knowledge management, learning management, search, service management (IT/HR/etc.), and more, here are a few:

  • Communication tools such as email, Intranet, and employee communication apps.

  • Productivity platforms like Asana and Trello, along with AI and machine-learning tools that can organize schedules, automate repetitive daily tasks, and even make predictive recommendations to help employees be more efficient.

  • Workstream collaboration platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, Google, Yammer, Jive, etc.

  • Security tools to ward off the climbing incidence of attacks that will cost the global economy $6 trillion in 2021 alone.

  • Intranet platforms and solutions that create front and side door entryways to the digital workplace.

  • Video & conferencing solutions that enable employees to have virtual meetings and conferences such as Zoom, Go2Meeting, Citrix, and Microsoft.

  • Digital experience management tools, giving organizations the flexibility to design experiences that meet employee needs.

  • Virtual assistants, a digital workplace tool growing in popularity for its ability to answering questions in real-time, assist in finding information, handle operational logistics, like scheduling meetings, and enable self-service functionality, such as help-desk ticketing.


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