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How to Improve the Digital Workplace

As the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace, the digital workplace needs the same levels of planning and management to effectively support productivity, engagement and working health.

Improving the digital workplace comes down to a few fundamental concepts:

  • Consistent focus on people — taking a people-focused approach to improvements, rather than a technology-focused one, making the needs of employees the main driver of all decisions.

  • Reducing friction — using technology to simplify the work day, centralizing important tasks and information while creating personalized, relevant experiences that employees care about.

  • Bringing tasks and communications into the flow of work – helping employees better manage their attention by centralizing the tools and information they need in the platforms they spend the most time in.

  • Delivering continuous improvement and innovation – adapting technology to meet the continually changing needs of the workforce, taking advantage of modern tech such as low-code development to accelerate innovation and time to value.


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