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What Are the Most Important Intranet Software Features?

It’s important for an intranet to be viewed as a valuable resource for employees. That means the most important intranet software features must:  

  • Increase productivity - Reducing the time it takes to find information, streamlining administrative procedures, promoting efficient teamwork and more.

  • Drive employee engagement - Making employees feel valued, communicating company goals effectively and enabling social interactions.

  • Enable mobility - Allowing connections from different devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) and providing instant access to information, no matter where employees are.

  • Provide integrations with external applications - Facilitating seamless, centralized interactions with enterprise systems to eliminate digital friction.

  • Deliver self-service functionality - Helping employees find information and complete routine tasks when it's convenient for them.

  • Support flexibility - Creating a framework that can be built upon to accommodate changing business needs.


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