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How Can Internal Communications Use a Company Intranet?

A company intranet can help internal communications teams in a number of foundational ways. Overall, it can serve as the cornerstone of the brand vision for the company and be the main vehicle for driving corporate culture. It can also facilitate effective internal communications, which is linked to higher retention rates, increased productivity, and generally improved employee satisfaction. But those are just the basic functions – what can the company intranet do beyond that?

Delivering personalized communications with a company intranet

While elevating communications out of the chaos of email is one of the overall benefits the intranet can provide, the real value comes when those communications are personalized. Messages that are tailored to employees based on who they are, using attributes like location, job function, department, etc. are far more likely to be seen than the one-size-fits-all communications that are typically sent.

Sending proactive notifications through a company intranet

The company intranet is also ideally suited as a location for delivering proactive notifications and recommendations from source systems. By coupling alerts about what employees care about, e.g. upcoming trainings, job advancement opportunities, etc., with other need-to-know corporate communications, it will be easier for employees to know what needs their immediate attention.

Reaching a distributed workforce with a company intranet

Modern intranets should also offer robust mobile capabilities. This enables the entire distributed workforce – whether they work in an office, take advantage of a hybrid work model, are a frontline worker, or conduct business on the road – to have access to the tasks and information they need, when they need it.


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