Streamlined Workflows

Maximize efficiency and boost productivity with an AI Assistant for your digital workplace.


Complicated System Processes Hinder Productivity

Overloaded email inboxes, complicated system processes, and smart phishing attempts have made it harder than ever before for managers to process approvals and system-based tasks. Because of the impact of context switching and unintuitive systems, it takes most managers 2-5 days to process approval, resulting in a significant slow-down of business processes.

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Accelerate Business Operations with an AI Assistant

Streamline workflows, from expense approvals and time off requests to employee onboarding and IT ticket submission, through Workgrid's AI Assistant.

An intuitive conversational interface paired with proactive alerts and integrations to your business systems reduces context switching and complicated multi-step workflows down to just a few clicks for employees across departments and job functions. 

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Workgrid Use Cases

With over 50 templates available out-of-the-box and a low-code editor for easy customization, Workgrid offers solutions for every employee.

How Workgrid Helps

Connecting your business systems through Workgrid’s conversational AI Assistant brings together system-based tasks and workflows into a centralized stream making it easier for employees to attend to time sensitive tasks and focus on meaningful work with minimal distraction.
Conversational AI digital workplace platform

Why Workgrid?

Unify approvals, notifications, and information in one conversational interface making it easier for employees to find what they need to know and take action on.

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Expedite Approvals

Boost time-sensitive actions and reduce logins steps to reduce costly delays and complete approvals in just a few clicks.

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Increase Security

Minimize the risk of phishing attempts by integrating the AI Assistant directly with business systems, reducing the likelihood of employees clicking on a scam email.

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Anticipate Needs

With an employee-centric design the AI Assistant delivers pro-active nudges and system notifications, anticipating what an employee needs to know when they need to know it.

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Multi-Domain Solution

Workgrid's Assistant works with your business systems as a system and department agnostic copilot, helping to support employees across the entire organization with a broad range of use cases and integrations.

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