Modernize your existing intranet

Elevate your intranet from zero to hero by turning it into a valuable source of information your employees will visit regularly.


The intranet is struggling to remain relevant

Your intranet is not the only resource for information, links, news, and collaboration. There are dozens of systems now filling that need. They're all fighting for employees' attention and in most cases, they're winning. The intranet needs to evolve or it'll be left behind.

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Make the intranet useful with a digital assistant

A digital assistant is an easy way to turn your intranet into an intelligent, personalized digital experience that improves productivity, focus, and engagement.

The Workgrid digital assistant integrates with existing intranet platforms as an omnipresent toolbar that guides employees' attention to their most important tasks and information. The benefits of a digital assistant working with your existing intranet adds significant value to your digital workplace:

  • Drive active users to your intranet when you consolidate tasks and system notifications alongside your important communications

  • Keep employees on the intranet by enabling them to take action on approvals and work processes right from the intranet

  • Simplify finding information with an intelligent chatbot and microapps that surface important data from popular systems

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How Workgrid Helps

Modernize your existing intranet

Workgrid's digital assistant integrates with today's most popular intranet platforms, including SharePoint, Drupal, Jive, and Igloo. It centralizes communications, tasks, and information from existing systems to give employees a unified experience that's personalized and relevant - right on the intranet!

Why Workgrid?

Workgrid delivers a powerful intranet experience that supports employee success - without replacing your existing intranet platform. Start driving intranet engagement and turn your intranet into a digital hub that helps guide employees throughout their day!

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Centralize tasks, information, and notifications

Combine the important tasks and information employees need into a single experience

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Simplify information finding

Integrations to enterprise systems give employees easy access to the information they need in fewer clicks

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Deliver a personalized, contextual work experience

Nudge employees with contextual communications and tasks specific to them

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Make it easier to take action on routine tasks

Employees can complete tasks like time-off approvals or IT help desk requests directly from the intranet


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