Igloo + Workgrid

Igloo Software is a leading digital workplace platform focused on helping organizations collaborate, communicate, and engage employees. Workgrid offers a digital assistant to intelligently organize data and information from your business systems into a single, connected employee experience. Together, Igloo + Workgrid is a better way to work. 

Prioritize What Matters

Help employees focus on what matters most. Workgrid's intelligent notification stream guides attention to company announcements, news, reminders, system notifications, and information that may be valuable to employees such as new learning opportunities.

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Streamline Tasks and Approvals

Workgrid reduces the steps it takes to complete approvals and workflow-driven tasks such as expense approvals, time off requests, onboarding tasks, and more. By intelligently surfacing these tasks to your Igloo digital workplace, Workgrid enables employees to complete to-do's in one click without leaving their digital workplace!

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Make Information Easy to Find

Eliminate switching between systems and make information easy to find. Bring HR information, reporting dashboards, event calendars, people directories, and more within your digital workplace platform for one-stop access.

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Simplify Interactions With Systems

Workgrid also delivers a natural language chatbot to help answer questions and streamline tasks. Serving as a knowledge management resource, the chatbot can be programed to quickly answers FAQs and submit incident management tickets - including integrations with ServiceNow, Jira, and Zendesk - right from the Igloo digital workplace platform.

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Partnership Overview
Solve some of the biggest challenges facing the intranet, digital workplace, and employee experience by pairing two powerhouses of the digital workplace: Igloo's next-gen intranet platform integrated with the utility of Workgrid's digital assistant.

Igloo App Use Cases

Help improve knowledge management and the utility of your intranet.

Orphaned content notifications

Help improve knowledge management with orphaned content alerts to notify authors when content may need refreshing. The Orphaned Content app compares article authors against active users in Igloo, alerting content managers if an author is an inactive user and the posts may need archiving or updating.

Enhancing the Value of Your Digital Workplace

Connect valuable information from across your enterprise technologies.
The Workgrid Digital Assistant abstracts information from enterprise systems and surfaces them in one central location - making it easier for employees to access the tasks, notifications, and information they need in less clicks.
Create Positive Employee Experiences

The Igloo + Workgrid solution provides more efficient access to the tasks and information employees need and care about.

Streamline servicenow requests with the workgrid digital assistant.
Boost Internal Communications

Igloo is your digital destination for organizational information and communications. Increase the visibility of communications with the Workgrid Digital Assistant.

Streamline IT service management with Workgrid's servicenow integration
Increase Productivity

Deliver essential information employees need, directly to them. Eliminate time wasted on searching for information. Unify communications and make work life easier for every employee.

A single, connected employee experience

Workgrid integrates with your business systems including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools
Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools

Abstract notifications, communications, data, and tasks throughout your digital workplace.

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