Accelerate the development of digital experiences

Empower employees to drive innovation, automate processes, and modernize legacy systems to meet their needs and the needs of your business.


Digital transformation barriers are hurting your business

IT departments are under constant pressure to innovate, but face never-ending battles with resource restraints, legacy data, and conflicting priorities. Those are impossible tasks given the challenges they face. The drive for app development alone has increased exponentially, yet IT is stuck under the weight of resource restraints, legacy data, and conflicting priorities across the business.

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Accelerate the development of digital experiences with no code

A no-code app builder can enable employees to create and deliver Workgrid apps by using a visual drag and drop interface.

Workgrid's Workshop provides users with connectors to more than 200 of today's most common enterprise applications, including ServiceNow, Cornerstone, Jira, OracleHCM, and SAP Concur. This no-code app builder empowers employees to build experiences that:

  • Simplify multi-step processes into one or two clicks

  • Create notifications that amplify information employees need to know

  • Enable employees to complete tasks, such as approvals from multiple systems, in a single location

  • Minimize the pings, chimes, and disruptions that distract employees

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No-Code App Development

How Builder Works

Start from a pre-built template or build an app from scratch. Using the drag-and-drop interface, select a data source and configure triggers and events to automate, optimize, and simplify work processes. Test, validate, and deploy the app via any Workgrid channel.

Why Workshop?

Quickly and easily deliver modern employee experiences without relying on traditional pro-code development or costly professional services.

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Accelerate app development

Integrate with data sources in minutes and build apps that cater to your organization's specific needs in days, not months

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Maximize IT investments

Create intuitive experiences that don't require training or the need for employees to login into the back-end system

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Improve employee experience

Create apps that reduce digital friction, optimize legacy business processes, and increase overall employee satisfaction

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Empower citizen technologists

Give business partners prefab templates and drag-and-drop functionality to create or modify the apps and integrations


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