Put an end to digital friction at work

Make it easier for employees to interact with technology, find information, and do their jobs without extraordinary effort and friction.


An overabundance of technology is destroying the employee experience

An influx of new technologies designed to make work easier has actually had the opposite effect. Employees are struggling to use, learn, and adopt all the new systems in the digital workplace. They're overwhelmed, flooded with information, drowning in communications, and scrambling to toggle back and forth between all the disparate applications they need to use.

This is digital friction, and it's causing poor decision-making, decreased productivity, increased frustration, and a poor employee experience.

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Help employees focus on what matters most

Simplify the work day by making it easier for employees to focus on what really matters.

The Workgrid digital assistant integrates with business applications to abstract the notifications, alerts, and information employees need. It creates a centralized, personalized experience that helps them work effectively and stay engaged with your organization.

Eliminate the effects of information overload, app sprawl, and digital noise pollution with a digital assistant that:

  • Promotes critical content from across the enterprise

  • Proactively nudges important information

  • Streamlines work processes and approvals

  • Simplifies interactions with enterprise systems

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How Workgrid Helps

Optimize your existing technology for a better employee experience

Workgrid improves the digital employee experience by serving as an experience layer that abstracts tasks and information from enterprise systems and delivers them within the flow of work. By creating a better digital work experience, Workgrid enhances productivity, eliminates digital friction, and increases the value of your technology investments.

Why Workgrid?

When employees are focused on the right information at the right time, without the distractions of digital friction, they can focus on doing their best work. Workgrid guides employees' attention to exactly what they need to know and do in the channels they want to work in.

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Guide attention and minimize workplace distractions

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Streamline interactions with enterprise systems

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Boost time-sensitive actions and contextual content

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Automate work processes from backend systems


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