Digital employee experience matters

Simplify the work day so employees can feel productive, connected, and engaged.


Today's digital workplace experience is chaotic

The average employee is being held back by the digital work experience.

They're fighting with frustrating user experiences, navigating a maze of complex applications, and struggling to find information that's not easily searchable or is hidden in silos.

Employees are tired, frustrated, and burned out, and it's impacting business success.

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Simplify the work day

Use your existing tech stack to provide employees with an intelligent, seamless digital work experience that makes it easier to focus on what's important.

Workgrid integrates with leading enterprise applications, such as Concur, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, and OracleHCM, and guides employees through their day, creating a centralized experience for the tasks and information they need to focus on.


  • Consolidates access to system notifications and tasks in a simple, unified work feed

  • Streamlines multi-step work processes into single click actions

  • Makes information easy to find with an intelligent chatbot

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How Workgrid Helps

Optimize your existing technology for a better employee experience

Workgrid improves the digital employee experience by serving as an experience layer that abstracts tasks and information from enterprise systems and delivers them within the flow of work. By creating a better digital work experience, Workgrid enhances productivity, eliminates digital friction, and increases the value of your technology investments.

Why Workgrid?

When employees are focused on the right information at the right time, without the distractions of digital friction, they can focus on doing their best work. Workgrid guides employees' attention to exactly what they need to know and do in the channels they want to work in.

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Guide attention and minimize workplace distractions

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Streamline interactions with enterprise systems

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Boost time-sensitive actions and contextual content

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Automate work processes from backend systems


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See how Workgrid simplifies the work day

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