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Let's transform the digital employee experience together.

Build better employee experiences

Build your own smart notifications and workflows with Workgrid's no-code app builder. Workgrid reduces the time, effort, and overall cost to build apps that simplify the digital experience for employees.

  • Start from a pre-built template or build apps from scratch.

  • Leverage a drag-and-drop interface to easily visualize, test, and deploy apps.

  • Modernize outdated systems and manual processes without changing back-end systems.

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Workgrid Integrations

Workgrid's no-code app builder includes over 100 pre-built connectors to popular enterprise systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, Jira, Oracle, SAP, and more!

  • Integrate seamlessly with over 100+ third-party SaaS applications or connect to your own data source.

  • Easily build and deploy apps without complexity using triggers, actions, loops, and real-time error notifications.

  • Robust role-based access control, audit logs, and admin notification analytics give you the confidence and control you require.

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No-Code App Development

How Builder Works

Start from a pre-built template or build an app from scratch. Using the drag-and-drop interface, select a data source and configure triggers and events to automate, optimize, and simplify work processes. Test, validate, and deploy the app via any Workgrid channel.

What can you build with Workgrid?

Build conversational AI experiences that guide employees' attention to key information, automate tasks, and reduce multi-step processes down to a single click.

Alerts and Nudges

Alerts and Nudges

Orchestrate notifications that amplify and nudge employees with information they need to know, from training reminders to corporate communications.

Knowledge Retrieval

Connect Workgrid to your knowledge sources, documents, and business applications to cut service desk cost, maximize ticket deflections, increase productivity, and elevate the employee experience through self-service.

Task Automation & Workflows

Transform tedious multi-step tasks and processes to single-click experiences from expense approvals to submitting IT help desk tickets.

See Integrations in Action

Have a specific integration you want to see? Let us know! Request a product demo today.