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Give employees convenient access to the information that's important to them, such as time-off balances and payslip data without having to login to UKG Ready or UKG Pro.

View your time-off balance at a glance

Easily view time off balances alongside other important tasks and information. Workgrid abstracts this information from UKG and makes it accessible via Workgrid so employees can quickly view time off balance with just a single click.

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Get easy access to payslip information

Get instant access to the payslip information you need the most - at any time, from any location - with access to pay data right from Workgrid's mobile app or your intranet.

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Improve productivity with a unified digital experience

Eliminate the productivity barriers from logging into multiple applications to find information, manage tasks, approvals, and ultimately get work done. Workgrid integrates with today's leading enterprise systems including SAP, ChromeRiver, OracleHCM, ServiceNow, Jira, UKG, Cornerstone, and more, so you have everything you need to know and do consolidated into a unified, mobile-first experience.

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Build your own Workgrid Apps without code

In addition to Workgrid's out-of-the-box apps, the platform includes a no-code app builder which provides you with a visual drag-and-drop interface to build your own custom apps.

With pre-built connector templates to today's most popular business systems including ServiceNow, Concur, Cornerstone, SAP Ariba, and Oracle HCM, Workgrid's no-code app builder makes it easy to deploy apps that streamline processes, automate workflows, and deliver personalized experiences.

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Available where employees work

Workgrid is available as intranet toolbar, mobile app or desktop application

Intranet Toolbar

Intranet Toolbar

Workgrid integrates seamlessly on top of your existing intranet - from custom built intranets to SharePoint or packaged intranet solutions.

Mobile App

Workgrid is available as a mobile app directly from the iOS or Android store.

Desktop App

Installed as a desktop application, Workgrid provides easy access to the important information you need to know.

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