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How the Workgrid Digital Assistant Simplifies the Work Day
Digital Assistant

How the Workgrid Digital Assistant Simplifies the Work Day

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Published on Dec 22th, 2021
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Written by Emily Rodenhuis

The rise of digital friction

The digital transformation that’s been ongoing since the rise of the pandemic has not been without its downside.

A flurry of new applications and communication channels deployed by well-intentioned organizations to facilitate remote work no doubt made it possible for businesses to survive during a time of tremendous tumult. But they also made it hard for employees to know what to focus on - there was simply too much to pay attention to. Gartner® refers to this phenomenon as “yet another thing to check,” or “YATTC.”

The term YATTC refers to "Yet Another Thing to Check", Gartner refers to this as the action of making it challenging for employees to effectively manage their attention

YATTC is making it challenging for employees to effectively manage their attention (Source: Gartner)*

This problem is a never-ending cycle of frustration for employees. Every new app that’s deployed is YATTC. It’s a drain on productivity and damaging to business results:

  • “44% of users frequently or occasionally made a wrong decision, because they were unaware of the information that could have helped.”

  • “43% of users frequently or occasionally failed to notice important information, because of too many applications or the volume of information.”

There are many ways organizations can help deal with this digital friction, including the common senses practices Gartner recommends in their latest report. But what else can be done to eliminate digital friction? Workgrid can help in many ways…

Eliminating digital friction

Workgrid is a digital assistant that simplifies the work day for employees by integrating with enterprise applications to surface important tasks and information. Workgrid helps organizations eliminate digital friction by:

Centralizing important notifications and information

The Workgrid digital assistant makes it easy for workers to know what they need to focus on by putting important tasks and information into a single experience integrated into the flow of work, whether that’s on the intranet, in a mobile app, or within collaboration platforms like MS Teams.

With the rise of the hybrid working model, employers must meet their employees where they are with access to integral systems on any device. Workgrid's integration with Microsoft Teams helps make that possible.

Helping employees fulfill their intent

Workgrid helps employees quickly and easily cross routine, high-volume tasks like processing approvals off their to-do lists. They can complete these tasks in one or two clicks, right from their preferred channel, without having to interact with the source systems themselves.

Integrate source systems with Workgrid to deliver tasks such as approvals and notifications in one unified location.

Automating routine processes

An integral part of the Workgrid digital assistant is the natural language chatbot which uses data you already have to provide personalized answers to common questions. It also integrates with enterprise systems to enable self-service functionality for routine processes like help desk ticketing.

Make it easy to submit service desk tickets and get round-the-clock answers to questions by leveraging Workgrid's Chatbot functionality.

Chatbot functionality makes it easy to submit service desk tickets and get round-the-clock answers to top questions

For more recommendations on how to improve your digital workplace, request a 1:1 product tour with a Workgrid expert today!

*Gartner, Take These 3 Actions to Make Digital Workplaces Happier, Faster and Smarter, Michael Woodbridge, Adam Preset, Craig Roth, 21 September 2021 GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Workgrid.

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