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Harnessing Knowledge and Insights with Workgrid
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Harnessing Knowledge and Insights with Workgrid

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Published on Jul 3rd, 2024
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Written by Rob Ryan

The AI Agent Experience

Meet Sarah: a project manager at a large organization. Each day she ping-pongs across various applications, sifts through a deluge of information, and questions the overwhelming daily digital friction she trudges through. Each morning becomes a slog, searching for crucial information, to manage the daily grind. This routine leaves her frustrated and exhausted, with little time for strategic thinking and innovation.

Then, Sarah's company introduces the Workgrid AI Assistant. Suddenly, her relationship with digital workplace technology is transformed. The Workgrid AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with her digital workplace, providing a unified interface where she can access all the information she needs with just a few clicks. Instead of manually searching through countless documents and systems, Sarah can ask the assistant questions in natural language - surfacing responses from across policies and procedure documents alongside proactive alerts and generative AI. The assistant's advanced AI capabilities not only streamline her access to information but also proactively deliver actionable insights that help her make informed decisions quickly. 

This transformation is not science fiction, or just Sarah's story; it's the reality for countless employees who have embraced the power of agentic AI in their digital workplaces.

The Role of Workgrid AI Assistant in Knowledge Discovery

The Workgrid AI Assistant excels in conversational AI, understanding, retrieving, and transacting with vast amounts of enterprise apps and resources. Unlike traditional tools that often overwhelm users with scattered data, Workgrid integrates seamlessly with various digital workplace applications, knowledge bases, and documents – in any channel. This connectivity to the user and the defined business applications helps to create a unified tether to where employees can access the information they need through a simple conversational interface. For instance, employees can quickly find HR policies, check time-off balances, or manage IT tickets without navigating multiple systems. This ultimately enhances individual efficiency as well reducing digital friction across the organization. 

Yet the AI Assistant doesn’t manage data in the way you might think; it transforms it into action and insights. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), the assistant analyzes data and uses iterative reasoning to provide meaningful insights that drive employee decision-making. 

For example, it can retrieve product information for support agents, surface key resources for an employee looking for onboarding assistance, provide knowledge base summaries for knowledge workers, or answer RFP questions for sales engineers. The opportunity to aid different personas across an organization is endless, as the central issue is connecting employees to their enterprise information quickly and efficiently.

The AI Agent Experience: The Next Leap in Conversational AI Knowledge and Insights

The next stage of AI assistance is a leap for the future of work - enhancing behaviors of the Workgrid AI Assistant to become more proactive and decisive. By analyzing user queries, behaviors, and historical data, the assistant can predict what information or tools employees might need next or take steps that aid in reasoning. The means to deliver true guided attention proactive support is a game changer for employees. This functionality allows interaction between the AI Assistant and anticipates employee needs with just-in-time notifications and recommendations.

For instance, you may ask:

"How much PTO do I need to use by the end of the year so I don't lose it?"

On the surface this may seem simple but is a rather complex question. The AI Assistant would need to...

  • Understand user persona (full-time vs hourly)

  • Comprehend the right policy associate to the user (e.g. USA employees)

  • Fetch the policy information, read the contents

  • Know and total which time off fields to evaluate within backend systems

  • Proactively perform a calculation to subtract pending time with policy carry over

  • Respond to the user in a conversational manner, based on previous variables

  • Then, depending on results, it may ask the user if they would like to book any time off

Let's get a bit more specific. Imagine an account executive working on a particular lead. They could ask the AI Assistant about a particular account they manage:

"Anything new related to the ACME account I should be aware of?"

This is a rather broad question; The AI Assistant may decide to take a few routes to help deliver value such as… 

  • Understand the users access and permission rights

  • Gathers current data from the CRM (e.g. stage, meeting notes, updates, nurture emails etc.) 

  • Gleans data and information from external resources (e.g. social media, press releases, news) 

  • Captures and analyzes data from market trends related to industry. 

  • Takes note of any key findings 

The AI Agent then presents the summarized information to the Sales Account Executive in a concise and easily digestible format with some recommendations based on the account health and where it ranks among the larger pipe profile.  

The Workgrid AI Assistant represents a significant advancement in knowledge discovery and insights, transforming how enterprises manage information and engage with employees. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, Workgrid not only enhances discovery but also fosters efficiency. As the digital workplace continues to evolve, adopting solutions like AI Assistants removes the daily digital friction that hinders employee productivity and maximizes the value of the existing enterprise tech stack.

To see the AI Assistant in action, check out this demo video!

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