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Why Is Now a Good Time To Use No-Code and Low-Code?

There are several business drivers that make now a good time to investigate low-code and no-code development:

  • Lack of development resources. In 2021 alone there has been a shortage of 1.4 million software developers. The growing business needs for modern, personalized digital experiences have simply outpaced the ability of short-staffed, underbudgeted IT dev teams to deliver. The use of low-code and no-code development will enable organizations to continue accelerating innovation despite a shortage of technical resources.

  • Growing acceptance of IT federated app development. As business needs have changed, particularly with the growth of the hybrid work model, there is an increasing acceptance of business-specific, standalone applications being owned by the business. This increased flexibility has enabled business leaders to pursue creating the purpose-driven apps their teams need.

  • Rise of secure no-code technology. Not only are low-code and no-code technology now readily available, the technology has become sophisticated enough to enable non-technical users to quickly deliver value by creating powerful, purposeful applications. Security, governance, and access controls have also reached a point within some vendors where IT still has the ability to maintain oversight into proper usage and risk mitigation, which is a reassurance for some organizations. 


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