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What Are the Benefits of No-Code and Low-Code for IT?

The biggest IT benefit of no-code and low-code development is that it frees up time to focus on strategic initiatives, as non-technical business leaders are able to independently create the applications their teams need.

There are other benefits of low-code and no-code development for IT as well, including:

  • Improved productivity: By streamlining development and increasing the use of automation, IT teams can accomplish more in less time, creating apps and workflows that enable them to prevent bottlenecks and delays, maintain SLAs, and minimize the time they spend fighting fires.

  • Democratized software development: By eliminating the cost and complexity of development, no-code and low-code are democratizing many innovations that had historically only been available to large enterprises.

  • Maximum control over existing technology investments: By making it easy to create custom business processes and applications, no-code and low-code platforms drive the usage of legacy systems, maximizing investments in existing technology. They also give organizations more control over their applications because non-technical business leader can make updates on their own.


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