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ServiceNow Incident Management

Streamline IT support case management to deliver a better digital workplace experience.

Incident Management App Details

Make complicated and time-consuming actions easier and quicker to complete.

Create Help Desk Tickets with AI

Streamline ITSM ticket creation and management by enabling employees to submit and manage IT help desk tickets using a conversational AI interface.

Employees can submit tickets as well as check the status of a ticket, add comments to existing tickets, and close tickets.

Technical Details

All app features can be modified for your preferences. For records that exist prior to installing this app, notifications will begin surfacing as of the second change to the record.

Integration Details

The Incident Management app was designed with the ServiceNow API v1.0.

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

For the best user experience, please ensure that your incident tickets include these fields, or modify the template to make it work for your organization.


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