App Template

Igloo Intranet Amplifier App

Connect Workgrid with your Igloo intranet to automate and deliver notifications and reminders for company events and personal celebrations.

Igloo Intranet Amplifier App Details

Help draw employees' attention to important content and events from your Igloo intranet.

Company event notifications

Alert employees when a new company event is added to the corporate calendar and prompt them to save it to their personal calendar.

Technical Details

All app features can be modified for your preferences.

Integration Details

The Igloo Intranet Amplifier app leverages the following integrations:

  • Igloo API v1

  • Igloo API v2

  • Igloo Data Feeds

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

The Intranet Amplifier app was designed with the Igloo V1, Igloo V2, and Data Feed APIs and includes the below endpoints.


  • API V1 - Get Calendar Events - GET /calendar/{calendarId}/view

  • API V1 - Get Calendar Event Attendees - GET /calendarEvents/{calendarEventId}/attendees

  • API V1 - Get Search Content - GET /search/content

  • API V1 - Get Igloo Object Categories - GET /objects/{objectId}/categories

  • API v1 - Get Blog Article By Blog Article ID - GET /blogarticles/{blogArticleId}/view

  • API V2 - Get Community - GET /community/info

  • API V2 - Get Users Birthdays - GET /communities/{communityKey}/users/celebrations/birthdays

  • Data Feed - Data Table - GET /odata/{dataTable}

  • Data Feed - User Objects - GET /odata/dUser

Support & Documentation

For more information please visit: Igloo Reference Documentation

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