App Template

Cornerstone Training Reminders

Deliver personalized training reminders directly from Cornerstone without having to compete with the clutter of an email inbox.

Cornerstone Training Reminders App Details

Help guide employees' attention to required trainings and upcoming events.

Training reminders

The Training Reminders App helps employees prepare for upcoming trainings. The app includes the following notification types:

  • Registered Trainings Summary, which sends a weekly summary notification of an employee’s transcript, including upcoming and incomplete trainings.

  • Training Past Due, which sends a notification the day after a training is due but not completed.

  • Training Reminder, which sends a notification 5 days before the start date.

The notifications include details of the training and the ability to launch the training right from Workgrid.

Technical Details

All app features can be modified for your preferences.

Integration Details

The Training Reminders app was designed with the Cornerstone API.

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

For the best user experience, please ensure each course registration includes these fields or modify the template to make it work for your organization.


  • Transcript and Tasks Assigned

  • Get Learning Object by ID

  • Transcript and Tasks Transcript

Support & Documentation

For more information please visit: Cornerstone Documentation

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