App Template

AI Content Genie

Use generative AI to draft professional business content

Content Genie Template Details

Generate draft content for blogs, emails, and more.

Use AI to generate business content

Help employees generate creative and engaging content quickly and efficiently.

Simply provide a brief outline, select your tone, and Content Genie will leverage generative AI to draft your desired content, from blogs and emails to speaker notes and team icebreaker content. By leveraging built-in prompts, Content Genie provides constraints to keep output professional while also helping employees understand what kinds of content can be created with this powerful technology.

Technical Details

This app can be modified for your preferences.

Integration Details

Content Genie was designed with Azure OpenAI and and supports multiple LLM services as foundational models. Connect Content Genie to your organization's LLM provider and use the sources you feel most confident in (eg. OpenAI, AWS, Azure)

This app template may be customized for alternate integrations using Workgrid's no-code builder.

API Details

The Content Genie app includes the following endpoints


  • POST https://{your-resource-name}{deployment-id}/chat/completions

Support and Documentation

For more information please visit: Azure Documentation

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