App Template

Employee Communications

Reach your employees with communications that engage, inform, and drive action.

One-time Notification App Details

Reach your employees with the information they need to know that help employees stay informed, engaged, and drive action.

One-time Notification

Create a one-time notification for employees. Curate your message and then simply choose the send date, time, and audience. From organizational announcements and office closures to benefit reminders or culture-driven notifications, the possibilities are endless! 

The app template provides robust flexibility to send messages to audiences using multiple targeting options, ensuring your messages are always relevant.

How communicators use Workgrid

Give employees an effective, engaging experience for receiving communications.

Organization Announcements iconOrganization Announcements

Provide employees timely access to key announcements and keep them informed and aligned with company strategy.

Build custom apps with Workgrid
Workgrid makes building new apps or editing existing app templates easy with our no-code app builder, enabling users to easily build and modify apps with a visual drag-and-drop interface.