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Chat to Documents

Help employees find information by surfacing answers to questions asked through natural language prompts directly from company documents.

Chat to Documents Template Details

Help employees find information through chat.

Extract Key Data

Reduce frustrating, time-wasting searches and enable employees to easily find information by asking the assistant with Chat to Documents. The assistant uses AI technology to understand the content within your documents to extract and summarize vital information, providing you relevant answers to your queries. Simply upload or link to documents (.pdf, .csv, .txt, and .json) - from policies and handbooks to product guides, contracts, and SharePoint links - for the assistant to search across.

Technical Details

Integration Details

There is no integration needed for this template. The app template can be modified using Workgrid's no-code app builder.

Documents can be uploaded in varying formats including: .pdf, .csv, or .json

API Details

There is no integration needed for this template.

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