Knowledge Retrieval

Say goodbye to searching and say hello to answers when you enable an AI Assistant for knowledge management. Connect employees with the information they need across the digital workplace.


Employees Are Struggling With Information Discovery

Scattered resources, lengthy search results, and manual processes have left knowledge workers struggling to access necessary and accurate information, wasting as much as 30% of the workday searching.

Employees lack a single tool to ask basic employee questions like “what is the time off policy?” or “how do I order a new laptop?” With no system to bring it all together, employees are left to navigate links, systems, and files to try and find information, leading to increased stress and a frustrating employee experience. 

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Improve Enterprise Knowledge Management with AI

Workgrid’s AI Assistant leverages AI technology to understand the content within your documents and systems, extracting and summarizing vital information in just seconds, saving employees valuable time. 

With the AI Assistant, organizations can quickly adopt advanced technologies like natural language processing and retrieval augmented generation to help employees find answers and information quickly, without having to sift through multi-page documents from the employee handbook to policies, contracts - and more.

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How Workgrid Helps

Support Knowledge Discovery with Conversational AI

Workgrid's AI Assistant supports knowledge discovery with various AI techniques. The platform uses a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) prompt to generate a natural language answer only using the information provided by the search API, and then compares, contrasts, and weighs possible answers found against the user’s query to provide the best result. When appropriate, content is taken from multiple sources in the search API to create one cohesive answer.
Workgrid's AI Assistant supports knowledge discovery through advanced AI technologies

Why Workgrid?

Go beyond traditional search with an AI Assistant that understands context, provides personalized responses, and can anticipate what information employees might need for a better digital employee experience.

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Unified Discovery

Connect across your systems, documents, and knowledge sources to provide a single place to find information.

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Proactive Responses

Tailored, context-based recommendations, suggestions, and tasks that need attention (e.g. approvals) are delivered to employees when they need it.

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Multi-Channel Access

The AI Assistant connects knowledge across channels including the intranet, portals, MS Teams, and a browser extension instead of limiting employees to a single tool.

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Personalized Results

The Assistant leverages advanced NLP technologies and information to understand what is relevant to users based on intent and context, like job role, function, location, and access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Workgrid instead of existing search?

System search results typically respond to user input with a file or links and minimal context to the underlying resource. In contrast, Workgrid’s knowledge apps understand the intent of the user’s query and answers it directly in natural language, in addition to providing a link to the sources of the response, and in some cases suggested prompts to take direct action based on the inferred intent.

How does Workgrid help ensure the answer is accurate?

Workgrid combines our proprietary query analyzer with the search API from your systems and knowledge bases to surface responses to employee questions. If an answer comes from more than one system, the Assistant uses ranking algorithms and RAG to evaluate the potential answers for the most relevant response. In some cases, this may be a summarized, text-based response. In other cases, the Assistant may surface an app to connect with system-based information such as IT Help Desk. 

How does Workgrid help ensure people receive the right access to information?

The AI Assistant recognizes an employee by user authentication, which ensures that the responses include only information the user is permitted access to. Workgrid relies on existing configurations in your enterprise systems ensuring responses are refined to what each individual employee is authorized to see and reduces the need to add additional management responsibility. 

How does Workgrid choose the hierarchy for delivering the right ranking?

Workgrid uses a multi-model architecture leveraging a range of classification, re-ranking, and large language models to aggregate and assess information.

How can I ensure the information is reliable?

In addition to RAG technology used to isolate answers to the content connected to the knowledge app, we also build guardrails into all our prompts to prevent them from using outside information or hallucinating. Workgrid runs a series of prompt injection tests to ensure that users cannot override the prompts in our apps or ask for information outside of the source system. The knowledge app data sets are run against a sophisticated Model Testing & Evaluation framework designed to test reliability, accuracy, and performance against industry benchmarks for continuous improvement. While we do all we can to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our responses – as all generative AI platforms do – we recommend appending knowledge responses with encouragement to confirm important information using the source link provided in the answer. 

Can Workgrid’s AI Assistant create its own answer?

No, Workgrid does not store data or train our model based on your organization’s data and will not build new content to respond to queries. The responses are searched and summarized from the existing systems your business already leverages. However, our generative AI app templates empower users to connect their own LLM to Workgrid. Paired with a combination of data sources that exist today, users can build an experience to generate data within their organization’s model. 


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