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Podcast Episode 19

The Workgrid Podcast | Balancing the Needs of IT and the Business

Guest: Dante Ragazzo

Published on May 29th, 2024

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Episode OverviewAbout the Guest

Join host Rob Ryan and special guest Frank Pathyil on The Workgrid as they welcome Dante Ragazzo, veteran Digital Workplace Leader at Tapestry.  

In this episode, we explore the evolving landscape of digital workplaces, discussing the critical relationship between IT and business units, the necessity of a well-defined digital workplace strategy, and the impact of AI on our work environments.  

Dante has worked at the intersection of Digital Workplace, communications, and technology at Tapestry for over a decade. Today, he shares his expert insights on reducing digital friction and enhancing productivity. Tune in to gain practical tips from a leader who has been steering the digital strategy for brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman. Don't miss this engaging conversation filled with actionable advice!

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