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Podcast Episode 8

The Workgrid Podcast | The Art of Presales and Sales Engineering

Guest: Sorena Tiba

Published on Oct 3rd, 2023

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Episode OverviewAbout the Guest

In this episode, Igloo Software's Sorena Tiba joins Rob Ryan for part one of a two part series. Sorena and Rob discuss effective presales communication and the role it plays in the customer procurement journey.

Part I - we'll cover:

  • The Role of Sales Engineers: Discover what Sales Engineers actually do and why they are the linchpin in any successful vendor-client relationship.

  • Effective Presales Communication: Learn the art of communicating with Sales Engineers to ensure you're getting the most accurate and beneficial information for your organization.

  • Understanding Vendor Offerings: Gain insights into how to dig deep into a vendor's service and product offerings, ensuring they align with your business objectives.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your intranet procurement strategy and build stronger, more effective vendor relationships.

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