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Podcast Episode 18

The Workgrid Podcast | Attention Spans in the Digital Age

Guest: Gloria Mark, Ph.D.

Published on May 8th, 2024

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Episode OverviewAbout the Guest

On this episode of The Workgrid, we welcome Gloria Mark, PhD. psychologist, professor, and author of “Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity". Gloria is a renowned expert in the psychology, human-computer interaction, and luminary in the area of workplace distractions. In this episode, we dive into the complexities of attention, executive function, the impact of modern workplace disruptions, and touch upon effective strategies to enhance focus and productivity. Gloria brings her extensive research to the table, providing listeners with actionable insights to navigate the challenges of staying focused in today’s digitally-driven environment. Whether you’re managing teams, organizations, or managing your day-to-day tasks, this discussion will equip you with the understanding to take control of your attention and excel in the digital age. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!

For more about Gloria and her incredible work:

  • Substack: ⁠https://gloriamark.substack.com/ ⁠

  • Website: ⁠https://gloriamark.com/⁠

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