Improve your employee experience with a friendly, conversational interface, available 24/7 to help answer questions, make information easy to find, and automate tasks.

Make information easy to find

From documents and policies to commonly asked questions, Workgrid's natural language chatbot is easily programmed to answer common questions across the enterprise.

  • Eliminate data silos and make information easy to find with a single source of truth

  • Improve knowledge management with personalized answers based on location, job function, and more

  • Reduce HR and IT support costs with 24/7 access to FAQs

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Streamline case management

Streamline ITSM ticket creation and management by enabling employees to submit and manage IT help desk tickets from Workgrid, increasing operational efficiencies and giving staff more time to focus on higher-value work.

  • Integrate your chatbot with common IT systems including ServiceNow, Jira, and Zendesk

  • Enable employees to submit, update, cancel, and comment on tickets right from Workgrid

  • Automate repetitive inquiries, so critical staff can focus on more meaningful work

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What is the ROI of the Workgrid Assistant?

Calculate the projected return on investment the AI Work Assistant can bring to your organization.

Put the Workgrid chatbot to work, wherever your work.

Because the Workgrid chatbot integrates with existing work channels, such as mobile devices, the intranet, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams, employees always have easy access to the resources they need, right at their fingertips.



Give your intranet the power of conversational AI, so employees have a single source of trusted information.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate Workgrid right into Microsoft Teams so employees can quickly and easily ask questions and perform routine tasks right in the flow of work.


Make sure every employee has access to the information they need, when they need it, whether they're on the go or frontline workers.

Enterprise-grade, feature-rich chatbot

Leveraging enterprise-grade natural language processing (NLP) services from Amazon Lex, the Workgrid chatbot offers features that ensure a digital experience that delivers ongoing value to employees.

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No-code Setup

The chatbot's no-code interface makes it easy to train your bot to answer employees' most common questions.

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Guide Employees

Dynamic suggestions help employees understand what topics the chatbot can assist with.

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Personalized Responses

Audience targeting makes it easy to deliver tailored responses based on attributes such as location, role, and function.

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Robust Analytics

Monitor activity, view response rates, and see which questions are fulfilled and unfilled, ensuring you can continue to advance your chatbot's skills and drive ongoing value to employees.


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