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Low Code Conversational AI Platform

Enhance the employee experience with conversational AI. Workgrid combines enterprise-grade LLMs, AI technology, and a robust low-code/no-code builder to enable employees to use a conversational AI interface to perform tasks and search for information across the digital workplace.
Conversational AI digital workplace platform

Enterprise-Grade LLM and Conversational AI

Unleash smart, intuitive experiences with Workgrid's conversational AI platform. Connect employees with what they need to know and do through natural language - featuring robust intent understanding, semantic reasoning, exception handling, disambiguation checking, and more.

Customize your employee experience with low-code no-code development and the fusion of enterprise grade LLMs and hundreds of connections to your most used systems and applications.

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Intent Reasoning and Query Analysis

Unlock precision and speed with advanced query optimization. Say goodbye to endless search and exhaustive scrolling. The assistant can search across multiple data sources - including enterprise systems, documents, and knowledgebases to help employees with what they need to know and do.

The AI Work Assistant supports information discovery for employees by:

  • Delivering answers with relevant recommendations and suggestions using advanced query analyzer and semantic similarity analysis

  • Multi-turn conversations prompt employees for more information if an intent is understood but the question cannot be fulfilled

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Intelligent Search and Knowledge Retrieval

Unleash the power of intelligent enterprise search with a groundbreaking fusion of semantic and vector search. The assistant will look across multiple data sources including your specific knowledge repositories to provide answers, FAQs, and summaries – with added intelligence.

  • Data points are summarized from multiple sources into one cohesive answer using Retrieval Automation Generation (RAG)

  • Integrations with hundreds of data sources make it easier for employees to access information through apps and chat

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Low-code Conversational Builder

Empower technologists and developers to rapidly build conversational AI experiences for any use case leveraging Workgrid’s low-code/no-code builder.

Take advantage of 50+ pre-built app templates and hundreds of data sources to backend systems that employees use daily to create and deploy novel conversational experiences quickly without relying on traditional pro-code development or costly professional services.

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Bring your Own LLM

We understand that enterprise organizations require enterprise solutions. For companies that want to move both fast and confident with their own AI services, we provide the flexibility of ‘Bring Your Own LLM’ (BYOL).

  • Seamless Integration: Use Workgrid app templates to smoothly integrate your LLM into existing workflows, tasks, and actions

  • Flexible: Benefit from the versatile nature of BYOL approach, allowing you to adapt to the rapid pace of technological advancement

  • Autonomy: For some organizations, maintaining greater control over data and inputs is critical. With Workgrid, you make the most of your AI outcomes

  • Future Ready: Stay ahead of the curve, when it comes time to swap out different LLMs for your workflows and integrations we have your back

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