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Workgrid October 2023 Product Updates
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Workgrid October 2023 Product Updates

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Published on Oct 31th, 2023

October Round Up

This month we’re thrilled to announce our latest product upgrades that will enhance the user experience with our platform. At Workgrid, we understand the importance of continually improving our products to keep pace with evolving needs.

With this in mind, the latest product upgrades are designed to help users achieve their objectives even more seamlessly. We are confident that these changes will positively impact your experience with Workgrid, and we’re excited for you to take full advantage of them.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Learn more about the latest releases:

My Day

Help streamline employees' day with simplified access to calendar events. My Day integrates out-of-the-box with Outlook 365 and will proactively alert employees with a summary of their daily calendar events at the beginning of each day. Employees can conveniently join meetings right from the notification or app experience.

My Day is available in both notification and app form. Employees can access it from both Workgrid's app menu or simply ask the assistant a question like "what is on my calendar?" to surface the information.

Chat to Documents

Currently available early access, Chat to Documents brings a more intelligent and impactful chat experience to the digital workplace. This app helps employees find information by surfacing answers to questions asked through natural language directly from company documents.

This app enables organizations to upload documents to be searched by the assistant - from policies and handbooks to product guides and contracts. The assistant automatically reads content from one or more documents and generates a concise response so employees get the answers they're looking for without having to manually search the full document.

People Finder

Make it easier for employees to access information like contact details and organizational relationships without having to spend excess time searching an employee directory with People Finder. With this app, users are able to ask Workgrid questions about their peers like "Who works with Ted Williams?" or "What is Sara Garcia's phone number?" using the conversational interface.

Meet Builder

Workgrid's low-code/no-code experience, Workshop, will soon be known as Builder! This name change will not affect its functionality and aims to better reflect the tool's intended purpose of quickly building customized digital workplace experiences.

Builder Releases & Enhancements

Workgrid's low-code/no-code app builder has undergone some exciting updates and improvements this month. Our team has been working hard to enhance the platform's capabilities and user experience.

Here is a brief look at some of the new enhancements:

  • Deploy and deactivate features in bulk from an app's main menu page to improve speed and simplicity when updating apps with multiple features or views.

  • A larger drag and drop zone improves the experience when dropping the operation node within the builder canvas.

  • "Share App" functionality prevents orphaned apps by prompting builders to share app ownership as the last step of installation. Don't want to share while building? Admins can use the skip button and adjust later.

  • Hover-over hint fields support variables so builders know how to perform a type ahead search for variables.

  • Configure when your data expires by managing expiration settings in a "data storage operation" from one day to one year from when it's written, or never.

  • Rename and edit apps and features more easily. Edit icons have been added next to the app name and feature name in the canvas or you can use the three dot menu.

Learn more about Workgrid's no-code/low-code builder.

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