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Workgrid March 2024 Product Updates
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Workgrid March 2024 Product Updates

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Published on Mar 26th, 2024

March Round Up

This month's product round up includes a mix of new releases, small enhancements, and a few product lifecycle changes to the AI Work Assistant. As a reminder, you can find all release notes here.

Here's a look at the latest releases:

Conversational Responses for Apps

Previously, when you conversed with a microapp experience in the AI Work Assistant, the response would always be a view of the microapp. Now when applicable, the Assistant will provide a text response in addition to the microapp, for a more conversational experience!

IT Help Desk for ServiceNow Improvements

IT Help Desk for ServiceNow is available in the builder templates library and now features vast improvements for employees and admins alike! This app enables employees to create tickets, view their status, add comments, and close them from the Workgrid experience. In addition to opening the app from the main menu, you can now chat to it for max efficiency. For example, you can ask the Assistant for a status update on a specific ticket, and it will provide a text response. You can also ask it to create a new ticket and provide criteria, and the Assistant will fill out the ticket form for you.

It is available out-of-the-box for ServiceNow, and we can accommodate many other systems on demand. With ServiceNow, we offer templates for System Authentication and now User Authentication (new in Beta!)

Saved Data Sources

Starting March 25th, app owners will be able to add a data source and use it across many apps! This means you will no longer have to enter credentials for every app instance, making apps easier to install and reauthenticate as needed. The change is intuitive, there will be no service disruptions, and you can learn how to connect a data source instance here.

You will see a new section in the top navigation for Data Sources. If you are an app owner and have installed apps, you will see the data sources you have installed, as well as their connection status. If you have never entered data source credentials for an app, you will not see any connected data sources at this time.

App Template Updates

Now when we update app templates with new features, improvements, or bug fixes, an indicator will appear in your main app menu when there is an updated version of an installed app template available. Be sure to read the documentation to understand all the nuances of each option.

Product Lifecycle Changes

  • Legacy catalog apps have been replaced by builder apps. Most customers have already fully embraced the builder apps, which have replaced all legacy integration-based catalog apps. These legacy apps will be retired June 10.

  • The Recommended sort option for To Know and To Do notification tabs will be removed, and the experience will be Newest on Top. This change will take effect Monday, April 1. (Not an April Fools’ Day joke!)

Explore App Templates

Workgrid's catalog boasts 50+ app templates available out-of-the-box. Deliver the app as is or use our drag-and-drop no-code builder to customize for your preferences. Schedule a demo with a Workgrid representative today for an exclusive look at how our apps can help support your digital workplace.

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