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Workgrid + Igloo: Delivering the Intranet Experience of the Future
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Workgrid + Igloo: Delivering the Intranet Experience of the Future

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Published on May 9th, 2022
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Written by Brett Caldon

Understanding the Workgrid + Igloo partnership

Here at Workgrid we’ve recently announced a strategic partnership with Igloo Software. We’re very excited about this collaboration because it solves some of the biggest challenges facing the intranet, digital workplace, and employee experience - and it does so in a way that’s unmatched by any other solution available today.

So how do Workgrid and Igloo work together and what makes this solution so different?

The Igloo + Workgrid partnership pairs two digital workplace powerhouses: Igloo’s next-gen intranet platform layered with the powerful utility of Workgrid’s digital assistant. This creates a seamless, personalized experience for workers that minimizes distractions, eliminates unnecessary app hopping, and guides attention to important tasks and information that require immediate attention.

It’s the cohesive digital employee experience workers have been desperate for.

Igloo - providing the value of a modern intranet

Igloo’s intranet delivers the classic news and information employees expect and need from an award-winning site. Packed with features, including the ability to deliver blogs, forums polling, broadcasts, multimedia files, and more, an Igloo intranet is the perfect foundation to build a thriving digital workplace on.

This image features an intranet built on using Igloo Software, Workgrid’s newest intranet partner, but the Workgrid Digital Assistant most other intranets.

Workgrid - adding the utility of a digital assistant

Workgrid’s digital assistant adds functionality that goes beyond what an intranet provides. Designed to simplify the work day, Workgrid integrates with enterprise systems to pull in the important tasks and information employees need from across the enterprise.

Igloo + Workgrid - solving employees' top digital workplace challenges

They’re overwhelmed and frustrated by a digital work experience that bogs them down with too many notifications and too many places to go to find information and execute tasks. They’re also tired of wasting time, losing countless hours that should be spent on meaningful work to the futile struggle against a cascade of apps, resources, and distractions. It’s bad for them and therefore, bad for organizations.

The intranet is ideally positioned to help solve these challenges because it’s purpose-built to deliver news and information while fostering corporate culture. But the intranet can’t do it alone. Not when so many other applications and platforms are all furiously adding functionality to be the one resource that dominates employees’ attention.

That’s why we partnered with Igloo and work with other intranet platforms as well. With the Workgrid digital assistant, intranets can finally cut through all the noise and friction in the digital workplace and give employees a reason to keep coming back. And together, we can give employees the simplified work experience they deserve.

Here’s an overview of the benefits the Igloo + Workgrid partnership delivers. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you’d like to see a 1:1 demo.

This article was originally published on Linkedin and has been modified for our website.

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