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Workgrid Announces the Launch of New AI Work Assistant
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Workgrid Announces the Launch of New AI Work Assistant

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Published on Nov 16th, 2023

From Digital Assistant to AI Work Assistant

Workgrid's new AI Work Assistant is a cutting-edge conversational platform that enhances the employee experience with its advanced AI functions and a new modern user interface. By connecting throughout your digital workplace, the AI Work Assistant seamlessly simplifies task performance and information retrieval, allowing you to interact with the platform in a conversational style.

AI Assist - Guide attention with proactive reminders and nudges

The assistant has the gift of anticipation, providing relevant information when it requires attention. A personalized briefing guides employees to the work that matters most, elevating your organization’s work above the noise and reminding employees about what work they may need to close the loop on.

The AI Work Assistant intelligently guides employees’ attention delivering a combination of tasks, notifications, recommendations, and nudges, typically spread across dozens of disparate systems into one streamlined experience.

Here are just a few ways Workgrid assists employees throughout the day:


From timesheets to expense approvals, the assistant helps reduce digital friction in the workday. In just a few clicks within Workgrid, you can easily complete approvals and move on to the text task.

System Alerts and Notifications

Increase efficiency by integrating with your business applications to surface real-time notifications, tasks, and alerts, right in the flow of work.

Proactive Nudges

Assist employees in prioritizing tasks with proactive nudges and notifications throughout the digital workplace such as training recommendations or recognition reminders.

Enhance Communications

Ensure essential communications and notifications reach the right employees at the right time based on their job location, function, language, and more. Notifications can be used to draw attention to company announcements, or alerts such as IT outages, policy changes, office events, and more.

AI Answers - Intelligent search & knowledge retrieval

With an enhanced chat experience, the AI Work Assistant can retrieve knowledge across your entire digital workplace, eliminating time-wasting searches and context switching. Connect with the information you need, when you need it. Featuring robust intent understanding, exception handling, and contextualized answers, the assistant services employees across an array of needs from the status of an IT helpdesk tickets to HR policies. 

Chat to Documents

Help employees find answers quickly without having to sift through multi-page documents. Provide contextualized answers quickly, extracting vital information from documents such as the employee handbook or office policies.

Chat to Knowledge Systems

Using enterprise-grade AI technologies, Workgrid searches your existing knowledge system investments (e.g. ServiceNow). Employees can ask questions through Workgrid's conversational interface, and the assistant will deliver a comprehensive, intelligent response, summarized from across the integrated systems. 

Simplified Access to Information

Workgrid's AI Work Assistant connects to the business applications you use regularly, making it easy to search and access information. Whether you need help finding your time off balance or submitting an IT ticket, you can do it all through natural-language chat.  

AI Apps - Achieve more with AI-powered apps and integrations 

Achieve more through apps and task automation with the AI Work Assistant. A catalog of apps makes it easier than ever before to complete work, freeing up your time to focus on strategic work. 

AI-Powered Apps 

This collection of apps gleans content insights for communicators, helping them understand sentiment analysis and streamlining content moderation. 

Generative-AI Apps 

This collection of apps leverages AI to help with content creation, from drafting content ideas and catchy titles to creating outlines and summarizing content. For companies that want to move both fast and confident with their own AI services, we provide the flexibility of ‘Bring Your Own LLM’ (BYOL) for seamless integration, flexibility, and autonomy.

Task-based Apps 

Simplify and automate workflows and tasks from backend systems, including approvals and ticket submission, using conversational AI. Employees can initiate actions directly from the app menu or using natural language chats such as “submit my timesheet” or “add a comment to my ticket.” 

An Enterprise-Grade Conversational AI Platform

With the launch of the new AI Work Assistant, Workgrid has transformed to an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) technologies and an API-driven integration layer to connect across your digital workplace. The assistant enables employees to use a conversational AI interface to perform tasks and search for information across multiple data sources - including enterprise systems, documents, and knowledge bases.

Organizations can easily customize and configure conversational AI experiences leveraging the platform’s intuitive, low code/no-code builder. With a catalog of over fifty pre-built app templates and connections to popular data sources, users can quickly configure or customize modern employee experiences without relying on traditional pro-code development or costly professional services. 

New conversational intelligence has been built into the Workgrid platform to support advanced queries and sophisticated output models, resulting in smarter responses and a better experience for employees.

The assistant now leverages:

  • Advanced NLP technologies including semantic similarity analysis to accurately understand a user's intent and context

  • Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to intelligently summarize data from multiple data sources into one cohesive answer

  • Relevance ranking algorithms to display results and related content or recommendations

  • Multi-turn conversations to prompt employees for additional information when an intent is understood but the question cannot be fulfilled

Say hello to a smarter way of working

Integrate the AI Work Assistant wherever your employees need it, from your intranet or employee portals to collaboration tools. With multi-channel availability including the new web-based client and Microsoft Teams, the assistant delivers conversational experiences wherever employees prefer to work. 

Adding an AI Work Assistant to your digital workplace not only improves knowledge retrieval but also: 

  • Reduce digital friction - Reduce digital noise for employees by centralizing communications and alerts from multiple systems into a single, intelligent stream. Fetch information, ask questions, and free up your time to focus on your work. 

  • Reach employees where they are - Help foster a more inclusive employee experience and drive awareness of your most important news, announcements, and information directly within the flow of work. 

  • Boost productivity and engagement - Streamline work processes and make information easier to find. Submit helpdesk tickets, access knowledge base articles, and receive communications and tasks, all through a single, natural language interface. 

To learn more about how the AI Work Assistant can support your digital workplace, schedule a demo today. 

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