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Streamline ITSM Ticketing, Procurement Approvals & More
Information Technology

Streamline ITSM Ticketing, Procurement Approvals & More

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Published on May 11th, 2022
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Written by Emily Rodenhuis

Optimizing business efficiency

The success of your organization comes down to efficiency - everything working as seamlessly as possible. The more streamlined your processes run the more time employees have to spend on high-value strategic work, which means more innovation, a better competitive advantage, etc. The downstream benefits are endless.

So how efficient are your processes?

Now before you shrug and cast the question off, take a second to really think about it. Things might be fine. Good, even. But are they running as smoothly as they could be? Can you afford to be wrong? ITSM ticketing alone is an expensive endeavor…

The cost-per-ticket for support teams ranges from $2.93 to $49.69 and the average cost per minute for handling a ticket is $1.60.

(Source: MetricNet)

Finding efficiencies in ITSM alone could save your organization a lot of bottom-line dollars over the long term. That’s what happened when Liberty Mutual Insurance implemented Workgrid to streamline their process. Simply by using a chatbot to automate the help desk ticketing process, Liberty Mutual experienced a 93% cost reduction in ITSM, plus saw a major boost in employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction as a result of the improved experience.

How Workgrid streamlines ITSM ticketing

Workgrid’s IT Help Desk app integrates with ServiceNow (as well as Jira, Zendesk, and other common ITSM systems) to give employees quick access to important tools and system information right from the Workgrid digital assistant. Employees can use the IT Help Desk app to create help desk tickets with an easy-to-use natural language chatbot. Then it sends confirmations of ticket-related events via a “To Know” smart notification to the employee.

Through the chatbot, employees can open a new ticket, receive updates on ticket statuses, add comments to tickets, and close tickets.

How Workgrid facilitates change management

Workgrid’s Change Management app integrates with ServiceNow so employees can easily track each stage of their change requests right from the Workgrid digital assistant, without ever having to log into ServiceNow. Users receive updates of change management requests via Smart Notifications that contain the details of the request, as well as its current status.

How Workgrid makes procurement approvals easier

Workgrid’s ServiceNow app alerts approvers and submitters of service catalog approval events by sending them Smart Notifications within the Workgrid Digital assistant. This enables users to approve, reject, and view the status of all their ServiceNow requests - without needing to log into that application.

Workgrid notifications contain the request details, including description, ID, total cost, and requestor, along with item details and a direct link to the request in ServiceNow. Approvers receive notifications that enable them to approve and reject ServiceNow Service Catalog requests directly in the Workgrid application. Users receive notifications that let them see details of outstanding approvals and they can even cancel ServiceNow requests if they choose.

Streamlining your ITSM ticketing and procurement approvals processes

To learn more about how Workgrid's integration with ServiceNow, as well as integrations with other popular business critical applications, can help your organization streamline processes for an improved employee experience and better business results, request a demo today!

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