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April 2024 | The Grid – Workgrid’s Newsletter for the Digital Workplace
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April 2024 | The Grid – Workgrid’s Newsletter for the Digital Workplace

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Published on Apr 23th, 2024

Embracing AI for the Employee Experience

Yep - we're still talking about AI. And for good reason. While many organizations are quick to explore the capabilities of generative AI, there are so many use cases and possibilities for artificial intelligence that can support the broader employee experience, from knowledge discovery to streamlined workflows.

Here's what we've been talking about lately:

What We're Interested in Lately

Here's what caught our eye in the world of employee experience and the digital workplace lately...

From Forbes

Six Ways AI Can Assist Your Employees

AI will change our entire society. As AI and related tech becomes more mainstream, here are six ways AI can assist your employees.

From Reworked

Artificial Intelligence and The Digital Workplace: First Steps Into a New Age

Nearly 1,400 executives shared their thoughts on AI and Machine Learning in this new report.

From Business Reporter

Beyond ChatGPT: How AI Assistants Can Transform the Workplace

This new era of work isn't just about adopting new technologies. Explore how AI Assistants can transform the workplace, helping to redefine organizational dynamics.

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Digital Workplace Demystified

Sam Marshall and Suzie Robinson from ClearBox Consulting joined this episode of The Workgrid to guide listeners through the intricate world of the digital workplace. As experts in intranet strategy, SharePoint deployments, Office 365, and the broader spectrum of employee engagement solutions, they illuminate the challenges and opportunities that define today's ever-changing digital work environment.

App of the Month: People Finder

People Finder makes it easier for employees to access contact information for their peers. Using the AI Assistant's conversational interface employees can find contact information and organizational relationships of people within the enterprise.

For more on Workgrid's out-of-the-box app templates, view all apps.

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