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Why is Guided A...

Why is Guided Attention Technology Needed?

Guided attention technology is needed because digital friction has made work more complicated than it needs to be. There are too many login screens, too many steps in routine processes, and a lot of time wasted context switching, all of which leads to a complex employee experience that prevents workers from getting the full value out of the digital workplace.

Guided attention technology helps eliminate the three main causes of digital friction, which are:

  • Application Overload - As a result of the app explosion brought on by the pandemic, employees typically context switch more than 1,100 times every day. That’s a lot of time wasted simply trying to navigate the systems they need to do their jobs. Add to that the flood of distractions, data silos, and complex processes they face and it’s no wonder why they’re so frustrated. They’re dealing with a very poor employee experience that makes it next to impossible to get any actual work done.

  • Information Overload - The volume of information employees are trying to stay on top of is staggering. They’re expected to process never ending streams of content, conversations, activity, interactions, and tasks, a deluge that’s further complicated by data silos that make it difficult to find the right information when it’s needed. This drastically hinders productivity and decision making.

  • Digital Noise Pollution - The result of all these apps and the deluge of information they deliver is digital noise pollution. Being constantly peppered with “noise” - all the pings, alerts, signals, emails, @mentions, tasks, and to-dos - none of which are prioritized - that constantly clamor for employees’ attention. It’s exhausting and incredibly problematic because human beings have finite attention spans as well as a limited capacity to retain and process data.

Each of these issues on its own can derail the productivity of your organization. When experienced together, however, they have the power to destroy the employee experience. Guided attention technology is the most effective way to avoid these issues.


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