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What Features Should an Employee Communication App Include?

An employee communication app should contain features and capabilities that:

  • Align to the needs of your business (e.g. mobile-only vs. multi-channel)

  • Support the types of employees your organization is comprised of (frontline workers, a mix of remote and desk workers, etc.)

There are a variety of features organizations should consider for their employee communication app:

Content and Communication Publishing

  • Ability to distribute and create news and announcements

  • Governance, permissions, push notifications, read acknowledgements, message prioritizations, push notifications and targeting capabilities

  • Support for multiple media types

  • Access for content creators outside of internal comms to centralize information, such as corporate announcements, department news, etc.

  • Scheduling capabilities to schedule communications in advance

  • Robust workflow capabilities that enable multiple stakeholders to collaborate

  • Support for attachments, including multi-media files, pdf documents, hyperlinks to websites, images, videos, animated gifs and emojis

  • Multi-language support for global companies

  • Access for employees who do not have corporate emails, such as frontline employees in the retail and restaurant industries

Collaboration capabilities

  • Peer-to-peer messaging for operational work activities, including chat and two-way messaging

  • Social features such as likes, commenting, sharing, tagging, polls/surveys and bookmarking for favorites

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Ability to integrate communications within the flow of work, in the platforms and channels employees prefer, whether mobile, Slack, MS Teams etc.


Provide insights into communication trends and analytics, including reporting on read and open activity by audience, channel, and content/media type.

Branding capabilities

Support for aligning app design with corporate branding standards.

Knowledge management

Provide the ability for every employee to easily access the information that’s important to them, from HR policies and product info to machinery operation manuals and store closing procedures.


Offer conversational interfaces that provide an easy-to-use, friendly mechanism for employees to find information and complete tasks.

Integrations with enterprise systems

Deliver full-service integrations with the systems and applications that matter most to your organization, providing employees with a centralized experience for finding information, taking action on tasks, and accessing services without logging into underlying source systems.

Work service capabilities

Enables work-related services with, or without, integrations, including standalone services built within the ECA, like shared calendars, shift scheduling apps, or a directory app that helps employees search for the contact details of other employees.

Business process support

Native templates for supporting common business processes, such as employee onboarding, performance and objective setting, training, upskilling etc.


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