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How can you solve digital friction?

The key to effectively eliminating digital friction is to help employees prioritize what requires their attention so they can focus on high-value work.

To deliver a more focused work experience, organizations should focus on insulating employees from all the technological complexity that hinders their productivity. This can be done by abstracting just the tasks, information, and communications they need from across the enterprise and delivering it when it's needed, in the channels employees prefer to work in, whether that's on the intranet, via a mobile app, or in workstream collaboration apps, such as MS Teams.

A friction-free digital experience should:

  • Surface the right notifications, signals, alerts, and information when employees need them

  • Nudge workers on important information that matters or tasks that need action

  • Simplify and automate complex workflows and processes

Workgrid's guided attention technology is the first of its kind. It integrates with existing technology to optimize the employee experience, freeing workers from the everyday chaos that destroys focus, wastes time, hinders productivity, and decimates the employee experience.

To learn more about how guided attention technology focuses employees' attention on what they need to know and do, check out this brief video.


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