Guide Employee Attention

Improve the employee experience with proactive alerts and knowledge discovery through an AI Assistant.


Employees Are Struggling with Tech Interactions

The influx of enterprise technology in the modern workplace introduces a significant cognitive challenge: the cost of constant context switching. As workers navigate a myriad of tech interactions, the brain will struggle with rapid and frequent digital multitasking that leads to a scattered focus and decreased productivity.

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Transform the Relationship Between Employees and Technology

Proactive AI Assistants bring a paradigm shift in the relationship between the worker and technology. These digital virtuosos actively read the room—your schedules, priorities, and backend workflows—and nudge you with timely insights, tasks, and suggestions.

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Workgrid Use Cases

With over 50 templates available out-of-the-box and a low-code editor for easy customization, Workgrid offers solutions for every employee.

How Workgrid Helps

Workgrid’s conversational AI platform guides attention by streamlining tasks and preventing potential bottlenecks through a connected digital workplace.
Workgrid's enterprise-grade platform allows you to build conversational AI experiences, create employee journeys, and make digital workplace apps available to employees, all designed to make accessing important HR information easier.

Why Workgrid?

Guide employees to what needs their attention, when they need to know it, with an intelligent AI Assistant.

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Proactive Alerts

The AI Assistant offers nudges and notifications based on employee attributes - from office location and job function to system-based tasks like expense approvals and upcoming training.

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Persistent Notifications

The Assistant's briefing experience provides an at a glance view of an employee’s most recent tasks and notifications to easily keep track of what hasn't been addressed yet.

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Conversational Interface

The Assistant's advanced natural language processing (NLP) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) accurately understand employees' requests and make it easier than ever to perform tasks and find information across your digital workplace.

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Reduce Digital Friction

The AI Work Assistant centralizes communications, system alerts, and recommendations into one unified stream, elevating the most important information above the noise and creating a more engaging and efficient work experience.

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