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Workgrid Announces New No-Code Development Functionality
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Workgrid Announces New No-Code Development Functionality

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Published on Oct 19th, 2022
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Written by Emily Rodenhuis

Build apps, integrations, and workflows faster with no-code

Workgrid has a longstanding history of simplifying work for employees. We are now expanding on that commitment by offering a no-code development tool called Workshop that enables organizations to build apps, integrations, and workflows faster.

With Workshop, organizations can easily build and deliver Workgrid apps that:

No-code development resources such as Workshop ease these bottlenecks by putting tools like ready-to-use templates and drag and drop functionality into the hands of non-technical users. This dramatically expands the development capabilities of your organization and frees IT teams up to focus on other high-priority strategic initiatives.  

Powerful features for building seamless employee experiences

Workshop makes it easy for business technologists to immediately roll up their sleeves and get to work, offering:

  • Hundreds of pre-built connectors that simplify the process of building integrations, apps, and employee experiences for the most common business applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, Jira, Oracle, and SAP.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to visualize and test workflows as they happen to ensure quality and control.

  • A selection of pre-built templates for validated use cases that make it easy to build apps that fulfill common needs.

  • Security and governance that ensure the integrity of your digital workplace while still allowing access to the applications blessed by IT.

  • Multi-channel delivery capabilities to provide employees with the key information and actions they need in the channels that work best for them, like MS Teams, mobile app, intranet, or desktop application.

Using Workshop is easy

As soon as an idea is conceived for an app, connection or integration, it's easy to put it into action. Visions become reality in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks, months, or years.

  1. Start from a pre-built template for a validated use case or build an app from scratch.

  2. Using the drag-and-drop interface, select a data source and configure triggers and events to automate, optimize, and simplify work processes.

  3. Test, validate, and deploy the app via any Workgrid channel.

What can you build with Workshop?

There are many practical applications for Workshop that will help your organization reduce digital friction, improve employee experience, and optimize business processes. Smart notifications are the first functionality to be offered, with the ability to build microapps coming soon.

If you can dream it, it can be built with Workshop.

  • Create alerts and nudges to help employees stay on top of what they need to know, such as performance review reminders, time-off balances and payslip notifications.

  • Simplify approvals and requests by enabling employees to review and track things like IT service requests and travel details.

  • Streamline workflows for complex processes like procurement requests and onboarding.

Workshop benefits for Workgrid customers

The value Workshop drives helps organizations achieve their main objectives, facilitating digital transformation, increasing innovation, and improving the employee experience. Benefits include:

  • Accelerated digital transformation efforts = digital agility - Custom in-house integrations take, on average, 200-600 development hours, 1-8 months of internal resources and testing, and continued maintenance of APIs and the app experience. With Workshop, you can build integrations in just a few hours. 

  • Expanded development resources - By enabling non-IT staff to build apps, Workshop reduces reliance on IT to develop new applications, easing traditional resource bottlenecks such as talent gaps, resources, etc.

  • Reduced costs for app development - Because Workshop enables organizations to develop apps in hours and days rather than weeks and months, Workshop reduces the amount of time, effort, and budget that is needed to build modern, digital experiences for employees.  

  • Modernized legacy systems - Workshop makes it possible to create optimized experiences for existing business applications, simplifying the digital work experience for employees and making it possible to modernize legacy systems without replacing them.

  • Increased digital adoption - Business teams can use Workshop to deliver modern, intelligent, and personalized user experiences without replacing  back-end systems, which drives user adoption across existing systems, increasing the value of existing technology investments.

Source: Quixy

Workshop drives value for partners

In addition to the benefits Workshop provides to customers, this new enhancement also drives significant value for Workgrid's partners that are responsible for building apps, integrations, and workflows for their own customers.

Beyond simplifying the development process and making it easy to create applications customers need in just hours or dats rather than weeks or months, it also adds value to their platform, strengthening their brand position and increasing the services and solutions they're able to deliver.

Learn more about Workshop.

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