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Workgrid enhances productivity, focus, and engagement by integrating with existing intranet platforms as an omnipresent toolbar to create a personalized, centralized experience that guides employees to the tasks and information that need their attention.

From intranet to digital destination

Intelligently organize data and information from across the enterprise into a single, connected experience - right on your intranet!

  • Abstract notifications, communications, and tasks from critical business systems and present them in a single experience on your intranet

  • Drive engagement and increase usage of your intranet by putting actions employees need to complete right next to corporate communications

  • Transform your intranet into a digital destination that's sure to add value to your employees' day

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What Workgrid Delivers to the Intranet

Enhance your intranet with the help of a digital assistant.

Targeted Communications

Targeted Communications

Deliver tailored news and communications to each employee based on their office location, job function, etc.

Unified Activity Stream

Help employees act quickly on what needs their attention, from time off requests to training reminders.

Apps & Integrations

Eliminate the need to log in and out of business systems by centralizing access to important tasks and information.

Intelligent Chatbot

Make it easier for employees to find information and complete routine tasks using a conversational interface.

Why Workgrid for your intranet?

Transform your intranet into a digital destination by enhancing it with an intelligent digital assistant that organizes and displays data and information from critical business systems.

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Increase Intranet Engagement

Drive engagement to your intranet by consolidating important tasks and information into a single experience.

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Modernize Your Intranet

Deliver modern intranet features your employees will love, without the cost and hassle of replacing your existing site.

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Boost Communications

Increase the visibility of communications by placing them alongside important tasks.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Simplify interactions with complex business systems and deliver the tasks and information employees need in one location.

Platform integrations

By centralizing information and tasks from your existing systems and delivering them right to your collaboration platforms, Workgrid provides employees with a seamless experience that puts important tasks and information into the flow of work, eliminating digital friction and improving productivity.

Workgrid pairs with your favorite collaboration and intranet platforms, including but not limited to:

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Integrate enterprise apps with your intranet

Workgrid integrates with popular systems to reduce digital friction and context switching by abstracting tasks and information from disparate systems and displaying them in a centralized experience.

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