Simplify interactions with enterprise systems using function-specific microapps. Microapps abstract just the tasks and information employees need from core applications, so they can spend less time logging in and out of systems and more time on work that really matters.

Make information easy to find

Workgrid microapps enable employees to quickly access personalized information that's important to them, such as time off balances and payroll in a single click, without ever logging into a source system.

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Simplify work processes

From digitizing forms to simplifying people search, microapps reduce digital friction by abstracting the most common tasks and information from back-end systems into a single experience.

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What is the ROI of the Workgrid Assistant?

Calculate the projected return on investment the AI Work Assistant can bring to your organization.

Microapps in Action

Microapps streamline access to the tasks and information employees need, from HR to PowerBI reports.



With existing integrations to UKG Ready, UKG Pro, Paychex, and ADP, this out-of-the-box microapp gives employees at-a-glance access to their pay details.

Time Off

Whether you use pre-built integrations for UKG Ready, UKG Pro, or Paychex - or you build your own - employees can use this microapp to easily view time-off balances in just a few clicks.

People Search

With integrations including SCIM and Igloo, the people search microapp enables employees to quickly find co-workers across the organization, facilitating collaboration to drive innovation.

Catalog or custom apps

Microapps put the information employees need right at their fingertips. Workgrid includes an array of out-of-the-box microapps in the Workgrid catalog. Customers can also create their own by app by leveraging Workgrid's no-code app builder.

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Seamless access to your most valued business systems

Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools
Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools

Provide employees with a single destination for accessing the tasks and information they need.

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